Seven Languages in Seven Weeks – (Io : Getting set up)

“Jeez, how do you even get Io installed?”

The Horseman was very nearly tempted to skip Io for a few reasons. Prototype languages just aren’t his thing, and the minimal syntax feels so barren. That made it even harder for him to muster the desire to get it running given that the install process requires a compile from source and comes with a ReadMe that doesn’t quite tell you everything you need to know. In fact, following it led to several errors that our intrepid hero could not quite decipher.

Fortunately for Io (and for you as well), The Horseman stumbled onto This excellent guide to installing Io on Ubuntu. It only left out one step at the very end…

Remember to run sudo ldconfig after you successfuly run ./ install.

Now when The Horseman types io into his terminal, the Io interpreter jumps to his beck and call.

horseman@horseman:~/7l_in_7w/io$ io
Io 20090105
Io> 8 + 8
==> 16

And we’re off!

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