About Scriptocalypse


When the Horseman was little, he dreamed of making video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. As it so happens making games is in fact what he does, albeit these days it is not for the NES but rather web and mobile devices.

When he is not busy prophesying doom upon the unwitting, The Horseman of the Scriptocalypse enjoys a nice black coffee and Belgian chocolate.

This Site:

The internet has given the Horseman a lot of help over the years. Now that he’s a stalwart and accomplished developer of games and other sundry software this blog is an attempt to give back to the community. This site began as a catalogue of _”Flashisms”_ and ways to avoid common anti-patterns in ActionScript development and .fla file structure. The passage of time and inevitable shifting of focus have led to a wider variety of topics, as the Horseman invites you along to discover new languages and technologies beyond the Flash realm.